Dear friends in Belgium

I do worry about you. It looks like you have no immunity system to toxic voices from Russia. The illustrations of a Russian artist in Dutch magazine is the example of it – the illustration transmit wrong vision on political reality.

I did draw how it looks like using the same metaphors.

My overview: unfortunately it is no a suicide of post-Soviet agony in Russia at the moment, skip the self-hypnosis of the author. It could be only destruction of it as part of Putin’s regime by actions of Ukrainian forces and people who are so brave and do fighting against Russian military forces just now, each moment, I hear it from my windows. But still wished victory over the Russians hasn’t happen yet, tv propaganda in Russia is still working in sane speed, why many Russians support the war in Ukraine.

Sure, give some support to people like the author, who is scared of Putin’s regime and escaped from the country to the West Europe, the US, Israel or other countries, but do not give them a platform to speak – it is just dangerous for you – to consume their illusions and to be poisoned by there ideas – most of Russian intellectuals are anti-putin but still imperialists.