So-called “president putin” announced war with Ukraine in the name of denazification and “Z” was a mark for one of his intervention groups. But after the start of the war began an extensive campaign for its support inside russia and “Z” became it’s symbol. “Z” Letter was used in various ways to promote the war:

  • Russian army and its soldiers were wearing this sign while committing war crimes.
  • Russian media used the symbol while talking about “cleaning up” all the Ukraine and burning its cities and people for using a different language and not responding to russian cultural attacks as expected.

Now you can find here many different examples of these Z and V used in propaganda of russian nazi effort.

With a very rough projection, we can count at least 110 000 posts with the hashtag “zамир” on Instagram and much more on VK. More than 2000 communities in VK (analog of groups in Facebook) have “Z” in their title. Assuming all this, at least 2 million people in russia took part in this action. With a turnout of 50%, this may equal 4% of voters in the next federal election.

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P.S. You may also look at the hashtag #animals_saved_from_ruzzia

Celebrities supported ruzzian invasion